District of Mission December 3, 2019

Lunch and Learn

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District of Mission


Workplace Stress & Resilience Skills



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What was the meaningful aspect of the workshop/presentation?

  • Tremendous amount of info – likely too academic to start – could have been a bit more focuses
  • The goal of resilience is to thrive
  • 10 ways to build resilience
  • Very applicable to all aspects of life
  • Types of resilience
  • The whole presentation
  • More time is required, that crises is unexpected, temporary & a resolution not a solution is necessary. Crises is not insurmountable or permanent
  • Know more about resilience and stress
  • Types
  • Learning about the psychological resistance
  • Good suggestions

What tools or strategies form the workshop can you apply immediately to your life situation?

  • I learned I’m fat, out of shape and guilty of making excuses to not go to gym
  • Changing mindset
  • Perspective on priorities, I wish, might, can vs have to, must
  • Ways to increase endorphins
  • Checking out recommended readings
  • Lots
  • Be more mindful (present) and less judgmental, self-care (mind-body) is necessary
  • Mindfulness
  • Purpose, accept pain, not suffering
  • The 1-6 aspects
  • Taking better “selfcare” of myself

Other comments on the facilitator, handouts, other materials, discussions, etc.

  • Maybe too much material for the time frame – felt rushed
  • Wish it was longer
  • Helpful to have presentation hand out
  • Knowledgeable facilitator – additional time is needed to have more discussion & engage participants
  • Handouts would be good
  • Great Speaker
  • Presenter was great – The info was awesome as well
  • Wish full 2.5 hours, very rushed

What other lunch n’learn topics are you interested in?

  • Conflict & Resolutions
  • Mental Health/Wellness Care