This course will introduces participants to the complex issue of stress in the workplace, what is workplace stress, causes and impacts,  what is good stress and what is bad stress, and which stresses can you control and what are the most important to change. The focus of the workshop is to assist with the personal management and elimination of stress in the workplace.

Topics include:

  • Causes of workplace stress
  • Organizational factors vs. individual/personal factors
  • Impact on workers and organizations
  • Workplace stress as a health and safety hazard
  • Recognizing the signs of workplace stress
  • What employers can do
  • Managing stress
  • Tips to help prevent, eliminate and reduce workplace stress

Upon completion of the course you will know how to:

  • Describe stress within a workplace context
  • Explain why workplace stress is a health and safety hazard
  • List common causes of workplace stress
  • Recognize common signs of workplace stress
  • Describe how workers can prevent, eliminate or reduce the effects of workplace stress
  • Access other sources of information about workplace stress