Lifetime Learning Centre (On-Line Course) – April 8, 2020

Staying Safe & Sane – “Strategies for Managing the Personal Impact of Physical Distancing & Self Segregation”

Location:Lifetime Learning Centre (On-Line)
Program:Staying Safe & Sane – “Strategies for Managing the Personal Impact of Physical Distancing & Self Segregation”Scale 1 to 5
1How would you rate the content of this workshop?34.67
2The material is relevant to me?34.67
3The Facilitator was well prepared?34.67
4 Usefulness of the handouts?34.67
5Please rate your on-line experience.34.33
Would you recommend this workshop to a friend of colleague?4Yes


What was the meaningful aspect of the workshop?

  • I am looking forward to checking out all the suggestions of Virtual Resources. I was interested to learn all the neurochemicals released when heart rate increases. I’ve known about the runner’s high but never knew about the breakdown.
  • The information given in this workshop was very helpful in dealing with the pandemic.
  • Excellent strategies, practical, easy to use. Interchange between facilitator and participants. The unexpected, but effective and much appreciated, humour.

What tools or strategies form the workshop can you apply immediately to your life situation?

  • I’m already doing quite a few of the strategies such as keeping a routine, keeping busy, limiting news. I would like to learn a new skill.  Also, more exercise that increases heart rate.
  • I am already using some. Of the new ideas, it is the “plan an activity, event, project for the future” tool.
  • Many useful ideas were presented to help with the feeling of isolation. Lots of things to do to keep busy and healthy.

Other comments on the handouts, materials, location or facilitator?

  • Jason always has lots of humor and his material is always relevant. As this was his first virtual teaching experience, I thought he did very well.  As always, he was well prepared.
  • Facilitator: knowledgeable, personable, well prepared and at ease, a delight. Handouts:  I really like having handouts so I am not distracted by taking notes.
  • Thank you very much for all the materials. Jason was an excellent presenter.  He kept the audience engaged and we all participated in the discussions.
  • Thank you so much for mailing me the workshop notes on surviving the pandemic. I am enjoying and learning as I read.  Much appreciated.