Mission Regional Chamber of Commerce Readjustment in Relationships (On-line) May 20, 2020





Mission Regional Chamber of Commerce (On-Line)


Readjustment in Relationships

Scale 1 to 5




1How would you rate the content of this workshop?



2The material is relevant to me?



3The Facilitator was well prepared?



4 Usefulness of the handouts?



5Please rate your on-line experience.



What was the meaningful aspect of the workshop?

  1. The boundary pieces
  2. That is a hard question to answer as everything was meaningful. The topic, the length of the webinar, the facilitators knowledge and comfort level with the subject and so much more. One thing that i took back is that Jason’s experience in these types of workshops is evident in how he handles feedback and questions. It is evident that he makes every effort to make everyone’s input be useful and included in the discussion.
  3. Jason’s readiness to listen and share information. The interactive aspect is welcomed
  4. Tips on helping to deal with difficult or moody people in meetings – helpful!

What tools or strategies form the workshop can you apply immediately to your life situation?

  • Accepting influence and solving solvable problems
  • Most of what we talked about today is necessary moving forward however, I believe I will start my emotional banking with immediate effect. As a matter of fact, I already banked a few items before doing this survey (lol).
  • No comment
  • Ask for a sidebar on any issues not related to the topic at hand

Other comments on the handouts, materials, location or facilitator?

  • Would like to have discussed how this relates to coworkers
  • I would say, we need to do these sessions as a bi-weekly or monthly necessity moving forward please.

Jason is a very good adult education facilitator. The zoom format worked well despite the limitations

  • Thanks – need more uptake from members