Location:Lifetime Learning Centre (On-Line)
Program:Myths of DepressionScale 1 to 5
1Please rate the content in the presentation.65
2The Facilitator was well prepared?65

What was the most meaningful aspect of the workshop?

  • Clear and practical solutions.
  • Ease of being able to speak back and forth with Jason
  • Clear and practical solutions.
  • not sure most meaningful, but the comment that clinical depression can be worked through, that a person does not need to be on medication forever. Had not heard that before, have only heard that some people have to take their medication forever. Will be doing some online searching to find that information. Not really time to question that statement, without knowing more.
  • That Jason included so much information in the time allotted. Much of it was meaningful to me.

What tools or strategies from the workshop can you apply immediately to your life situation?

  • One and a half pages of notes (and I write small). How to induce the production of endorphins, goal setting behaviours, the fact that you don’t have to take anti-depressants for the rest of your life, specific spheres of wellbeing that need to be depressed, and the notion that self-care is primary. Over all, I gained a great deal. A most worthwhile session.
  • I’m already doing quite a few of the strategies such as keeping a routine, keeping busy, limiting news. I would like to learn a new skill.  Also, more exercise that increases heart rate.
  • the CBT information. loved how simple it is and yet absolutely challenging to do. lots to think about