This feedback was from a workshop presented for North Shore Emergency Services on  December 8, 2021


Question 1 – Average 3.9    17 responses received from  33 in attendance

Question 2 – Average 3.9    17 responses received from  33 in attendance

Question 3 – Average 4.6   17 responses received from  33 in attendance

Question 4 – Average 3.8    17 responses received from  33 in attendance

Question 5 – Average 3.7    17 responses received from  33 in attendance

Responses to Specific Questions

What was the most meaningful aspect of the workshop for you? (14 responses)

  • Better understanding of happiness when supporting people in crisis
  • How do acquire happiness?
  • Stepping back from life to look at broader issues
  • Listening to people’s ideas and stories.
  • Discussion of how to view happiness and giving back to others
  • I might check out some of the books mentioned.
  • Seeing my colleagues
  • All
  • Nil
  • follow-up / read later material
  • Listening to everyone!!
  • The good explanations of things and many recommended books
  • Facilitator’s knowledge, and drawing out information from participants
  • good reminders of what we need to do

What tools or strategies from the workshop can you apply immediately to your life or work situation? (14 Responses)

  • Recognition that everyone sees happiness differently and there are different aspects of happiness.
  • I can use the book recommendations.
  • I knew some of them; however, some of them was practical
  • Perspective
  • Appreciate small things
  • I have ordered some books and can look at happiness in different context
  • There weren’t really tools or strategies given, just concepts and quotes. None of them were really new to me.
  • Reminders
  • Grateful
  • Nil
  • All ….absolutely wonderful
  • Reading is good for you
  • better understanding of the theory behind ‘happiness’
  • good reminders of what we can use to help us and others

Other comments example: materials, facilitator, sharing of experiences, discussions? (11 Responses)

  • Great reference material
  • I would say it was a bit odd to tell the audience
  • Mediocre format, usefulness and value marks relate not to presenter but appropriateness of online group format for this (and any other such) session, also appropriateness for a social event vs a group or teambuilding workshop. Those are situational issues and organizational choices mostly, Jason is great, though length and presentation format could possibly be adapted better to such realities.
  • Might be nice to go into small groups into break rooms to discuss things and connect with colleagues.
  • I was expecting something different based on the title. I don’t think the title reflected the content. There was no discussion of the ” final frontier or exercise in futility” part. Also it was called a workshop but it was really a presentation. I think of a workshop as involving the participants taking more of an active discussion role, maybe getting something to think about before the presentation, working on some ideas. In this presentation there were a few questions asked but then we were given the answers the presenter wanted us to have so it wasn’t a discussion at all. We definitely weren’t “working” on anything.
  • Thank you
  • Thanks
  • Total lack of relevance to NSEM volunteer. It was a waste of time.
  • Very good presentation and very good presenter, who is also very funny
  • It would be interesting to use tools (i.e. instant multiple choice question / survey tools) that participants answer on their phone. Encourages engagement and is fun.
  • Yes, the workshop was fantastic! Thank you for all your wonderful knowledge and engagement
  • Thank you for a wonderful workshop. It was very informative and your smiling face was wonderful to see again.
  • Thank you for a wonderful presentation. It was very scientific and practical I thoroughly enjoyed it!
  • I even got some of the books you recommended. I just finished Man’s Search for Meaning. It was fantastic! You did reach me with some new informative happiness info! Thank you for your presentation!

Question 6 – Average 4.8    17 responses received from  33 in attendance