Journaling for Personal Change – October 5, 2018

What was the meaningful aspect of the workshop?

  • Prompts
  • Interacting
  • Positive vs negative word usage
  • Self-discovery
  • Jason “mixed it up” which makes it fun and interesting. Talking with the rest of group whether as partners or as the whole group is fun and beneficial.

What tools or strategies form the workshop can you apply immediately to your life situation?

  • Prompts – follow your stream of consciousness
  • Gratitude and wisdom
  • Stream of consciousness writing
  • Change thoughts
  • Stream of consciousness. I will try this. I’m not sure about the sheets we did in class – I’ll think about it.

Other comments on the handouts, materials, location or facilitator?

  • Good
  • It’s great to have handouts so can pay more attention to the facilitator, who was simply awesome
  • Location – not time friendly (buses)
  • I’ve just paged through the handout and it look like a lot of great stuff.

Would you recommend this workshop to a friend or colleague?

6 out of 6 answered YES