Lifetime Learning Centre – March 6, 2020

Offered as part of the Healthier Living Workshop Series Click Here for More Information


Lifetime Learning Centre


Happiness Scale 1 to 5


March 6,2020 Total Average
1 Please rate the content of this workshop/presentation? 5 5.00
2 The material is relevant to me? 5 5.00
3 The Facilitator was well prepared? 5 5.00
4  Usefulness of the handouts? 5 5.00
5 Please rate the location. 5 5.00
Would you recommend this workshop to a friend of colleague? 5 Yes



  1. What was the meaningful aspect of the workshop/presentation?
  • The realization that I can and will become happy-fully happy
  • The points for “Happiness”
  • More food for thought
  • Drama Triangle
  • Openness interaction
  1. What tools/strategies from today can you immediately apply to your life/work situation?
  • Learned helplessness triangle – how not to be an enabler
  • Turning toward in my relationship
  • Listen more
  • The above points for Happiness
  • The two triangles
  1. Other comments on the facilitator, handouts, other materials, discussions, etc.?
  • Jason’s humour, relaxes and allows participants to be part of dialog
  • His knowledge and comments are extremely helpful. Also the handouts are great.
  • Jason is a great presenter and always I always leave looking forward to the next session.
  • Very open – Willingness to add things that may not be on the agenda
  • Jason’s laughter