Comments from the Lifetime Learning Class April 20, 2018

What was the most meaningful aspect of the workshop?

  • When Jason Said “Grief lasts as long as it lasts and Grief Bursts”
  • Realizing what was my thoughts, behavior or physical sensations
  • Realizing that my feelings & emotions are normal
  • Discussion
  • Understanding
  • Tools you provided
  • Acceptance of my tears, Coping with grief
  • New Normal concept
  • It was presented in a friendly, light-hearted manner with lots of info. Well presented

What tools or strategies from the workshop can you apply immediately to your life situation?

  • No Guilt. No Shame
  • Some physical and behaviour strategies
  • Accepting where people are in their journey
  • Change my thoughts
  • Sponge & Sounding board
  • Feeling grateful for this class and information
  • Discussions & sharing experiences
  • CBT Triangle
  • Doing self-care, talk about it

Other comments on the handouts, materials, location, or facilitator?

  • “Why” is the hardest question in the world
  • Handouts very good
  • Excellent presentation and handouts, etc.
  • Thank you
  • All very satisfactory
  • Very Good
  • Jason’s awesome
  • Seemed rushed – wished it was a longer workshop – lots of good, helpful info.