Conflict Management: Moving Towards Resolution

Mission Regional Chamber of Commerce

December 18, 2018

Mission Community Skills Centre – Sponsor



1. What was the most meaningful aspect of the presentation?
  • A good overview and review of the basics
  • Being able to easily relate
  • Context
  • Tools to manage conflict
  • Ways to talk when there is conflict
  • The “I” statements & diffusing tension by being factual
  • Easy to understand & try to apply
  • “I” statements & stonewalling
2. What tools or strategies from the presentation can you apply immediately to your life situation?
  • The Tips were helpful
  • Recognition of the argument/debate methods
  • Understanding primary vs secondary emotions
  • Same as above – “ways to talk when there is conflict”
  • More detailed conflict resolution in the workplace
  • Everything
3. What information from the presentation will I share with colleagues, staff, or co-workers?
  • 10 thinking errors reference
  •  TBD
  • Most of them
  • Goals/Relationship matrix
  • All – will send an office staff memo
  • Everything
4. Other comments on the handouts, materials, location, or facilitator?
  • Excellent job!
  • Thank you
  • Overall awesome
  • Love the enthusiasm
  • Great, would be interested in more
Scaling 1 Low to 5 HighTotalAverage 
How would you rate the content of this workshop?84.63 
The Content of the presentation is relevant to my job?84.75 
The Facilitator was well prepared?84.88 
How Useful were the presentation handouts?84.50 
Please rate the meeting space.84.50 
Please rate the lunch provided84.50 
The Presentation has stimulated my interest in this topic?8 of 8Yes 
Would you recommend the Workshop version to a friend or colleague?8 of 8Yes