Conflict Management: Moving Towards Resolution

Mission Regional Chamber of Commerce

December 18, 2018

Mission Community Skills Centre – Sponsor



1. What was the most meaningful aspect of the presentation?
  • A good overview and review of the basics
  • Being able to easily relate
  • Context
  • Tools to manage conflict
  • Ways to talk when there is conflict
  • The “I” statements & diffusing tension by being factual
  • Easy to understand & try to apply
  • “I” statements & stonewalling
2. What tools or strategies from the presentation can you apply immediately to your life situation?
  • The Tips were helpful
  • Recognition of the argument/debate methods
  • Understanding primary vs secondary emotions
  • Same as above – “ways to talk when there is conflict”
  • More detailed conflict resolution in the workplace
  • Everything
3. What information from the presentation will I share with colleagues, staff, or co-workers?
  • 10 thinking errors reference
  •  TBD
  • Most of them
  • Goals/Relationship matrix
  • All – will send an office staff memo
  • Everything
4. Other comments on the handouts, materials, location, or facilitator?
  • Excellent job!
  • Thank you
  • Overall awesome
  • Love the enthusiasm
  • Great, would be interested in more
Scaling 1 Low to 5 High Total Average  
How would you rate the content of this workshop? 8 4.63  
The Content of the presentation is relevant to my job? 8 4.75  
The Facilitator was well prepared? 8 4.88  
How Useful were the presentation handouts? 8 4.50  
Please rate the meeting space. 8 4.50  
Please rate the lunch provided 8 4.50  
The Presentation has stimulated my interest in this topic? 8 of 8 Yes  
Would you recommend the Workshop version to a friend or colleague? 8 of 8 Yes