Location:ESS Workshop (Firehall 1)Total



Scale 1-5

Program:Compassion Fatigue
1How would you rate the content of this workshop?124.70
2The Content of the presentation is relevant to me?124.92
3The Facilator was well prepared?124.92
4How Useful were the presentation handouts?114.73
5Please rate the Meeting space124.58
Would you recommend this workshop to a friend of colleague?12Yes


What was the meaningful aspect of the workshop?

  • Dreaded Drama Triangle, realized this pertains to me and made me aware that I need to change it.
  • Learning about the triangle, changing the script, learning where I suffer in my day to day life
  • Really enjoyed the empowerment triangle concepts
  • The Triangles
  • Help change what I think of my self-awareness
  • Boundaries
  • This workshop challenged me to examine myself and really think about who I am and who I want to be
  • In depth observations and discussions!
  • Everything this was a reflection session. Where are you at in personal, work, relation. Self-care is not about pampering yourself, spending $, but how you relate to yourself, how world around you affects you, how to figure out how the process moves on

What tools or strategies form the workshop can you apply immediately to your life situation?

  • Start practicing better self-care
  • Trying to change the script, focusing on myself more (self-care), focusing on relationship, emotional
  • The self-care survey gives me simple changes I can incorporate immediately
  • Script was huge for me, will try for sure
  • Common ideas/terminology with team matrix
  • Change What the script is and get a different ending
  • Not to take away but, to work on
  • Self-care strategies, I need to challenge myself in so many areas. I love the way the assessment took self-care and broke it down into different categories (physical, psychological, will help me to improve in areas that are challenging
  • Keep on working towards better self-care, will look more critically at my behavior & attitude
  • I learned a lot and have to process; I had a light bulb go on/ a aha moment (s) I am on this road folk and need to find out how to move on. Feel like therapy

Other comments on the handouts, materials, location or facilitator?

  • Great job! Learned so much, really thankful you did this
  • Thank you so much Jason for an enjoyable night!
  • Great Speaker
  • Very well-articulated interesting, interesting, easy to listen to, invites conversation
  • I love to hear more from Jason but wouldn’t know what subjects Thank you this was fantastic