Lifetime Learning Centre – Comments

February 1, 2019

What was the most meaningful aspect of the workshop?

  • Helps in the understanding of the behavior of others and of oneself
  • Learning about Passive Aggressiveness
  • Right selection of words and context of sentence
  • Learning new concepts
  • Understanding that I was more of a character than I thought. I have the tools and clear understanding to change
  • Learning to say things without offending people

What tools or strategies from the workshop can you apply immediately to your life situation?

  •  Awareness of the impacts I have on people
  • Be Assertive
  • Reviewing my own communication styles
  • Identify the 4 styles and be able to communicate as assertive instead of passive aggressive
  • Think before I talk

Other comments on the handouts, material, location, or facilitator?

  • Well Presented
  • All excellent
  • Very Positive Environment
  • Great Instructor
  • Length of the workshop is good
  • Get the Instructor his big white board. He id a great job and reward would be justified
  • Jason is a wonderful, knowledgeable facilitator, I’ve learned so much in all the classes I’ve taken, and will continue to take classes