Journaling Workshop – October 18, 2017

What was the most meaningful aspect of the workshop?

  • The 5 components of happiness. Learning the pitfalls of journaling
  • The way subjects were all related somehow
  • The emphasis on expanding knowledge about yourself and challenging yourself . I appreciated everyone’s feelings about journaling, etc..
  • I learned a lot
  • Self-discovery questions
  • The handouts
  • Discussing with others in a group setting helps take away from the potential isolating part of getting started with journaling
  • The meaningful aspect was focusing on self-discovery and applying to journaling. Learning more about myself

What tools or strategies from the workshop can you apply immediately to your life situation?

  • Ways that I can start reflecting or writing  prompts, words or statements
  • Perhaps where to begin. Don’t Limit my thoughts
  • Changing my behavior so I don’t remain stuck in the same cycle. Prompts  to try and stop overthinking . Journal package handout
  • Encouragement to be vulnerable and try journaling more
  • Using the handouts to start my journaling work
  • I really enjoyed answering the prompts and find I don’t overthink my words at all, unlike when I have just a blank piece of paper
  • A strategy could be to write five things I’m grateful for when I wake up
  • Journal Prompts

Other comments on the handouts, materials, location, or facilitator?

  • I think it has been well-rewarding.
  • Jason was very knowledgeable and the handouts were good.
  • Thank you
  • Would love to attend Jason’s Thinking Errors workshop
  • Loved the prompts
  • I like that the presenter was knowledgeable with what he was talking about