Perhaps the key to professional and personal productivity is not “time management” but rather attention management. Current research show that the problem is not that we’re getting distracted from work; it’s that we’re getting distracted from important work by other work. This leads to perpetual stress and being busy instead of being productive.

In this workshop, you will explore:

  • Development of clarity around role priorities rather than specific task priorities
  • Attention Management skills rather than “time management “skills
  • Development of comprehensive workflow management strategies.

“The philosopher William James was noted for saying, “my experience is what I agree to attend to.”  But with the increasing adoption of ever-present technology, often times we don’t “agree” to attend to anything.  We spend our days simply reacting to whatever happens to be buzzing, blinking, or vibrating in front of us.  But if we’re not in control of our attention, can we really be in control of our lives?”

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