Mission Regional Chamber of Commerce February 26, 2020

Location:Mission Regional Chamber of Commerce
Program:Assertiveness Training for BusinessScale 1 to 5
Date:February 26, 2020TotalAverage
1Please rate the content of this workshop/presentation?84.88
2The material is relevant to me?84.88
3The Facilitator was well prepared?85.00
4 Usefulness of the handouts?84.63
5Please rate the location.85.00
Would you recommend this workshop to a friend of colleague?8Yes


  1. What was the meaningful aspect of the workshop/presentation?
  • I really like the simplified diagrams, You’re Ok, You’re not OK, and the “Four Styles of Communication”. I found the simplicity very powerful.
  • Taking time to think about response, not jumping to answer.
  • Difference between assertiveness and aggressiveness
  • Refection on how to apply it to work/life
  • Invitation to participate in a non-threating, open, relaxed space
  • Having the tools – words – ideas
  • I statements – I have learnt before but not how to properly implement
  • The idea not to react but talk the time to respond
  • Ways to utilize the principles taught in real life
  1. What tools/strategies from today can you immediately apply to your life/work situation?
  • The thoughtful changes that we can make in the way we think and communicate with others were changes that I began to apply within minutes of the workshop ending.
  • I statements, practice.
  • Script/History/Outcome
  • Listen to understand, SOLER, eye contact
  • I statements and how to use them
  • I statement dealing with employees
  • The steps in forming an assertive statement
  • The I statement
  1. Other comments on the facilitator, handouts, other materials, discussions, etc.?
  • As I mentioned in the workshop, I very much appreciate the “bunny trails” as 1) I know that you will achieve the learning outcomes despite the digressions and 2) the wealth of knowledge you possess only adds depth to the workshop. It is my therapy session at a great rate.
  • Enjoy Jason’s stories, and examples
  • Wealth of knowledge and experience
  • Ability to relate/teach information in a way that makes and prompt
  • Very interesting – helpful
  • Thank you
  • Jason has the right mix of humour, examples, and experience – much appreciated
  • This was great. Enjoyed the group and the ability to ask questions and speak freely.