Attention Management – Controlling the Distractions

Mission Regional Chamber of Commerce

November 28, 2018

Mission Community Skills Centre – Sponsor


1. What was the most meaningful aspect of the presentation?
  •  Continuing down my present path of self-care and awareness of my efficiency (or lack of thereof)
  • Enabler vs coach
  • Creating time
  • Time management & attention
  • The matrix
  • Focus on critical activities, good humour
  • Planning prevents urgency
  • Multitasking does not help with productivity
  • Multitasking
  • The matrix, very helpful
  • Gold fish 9 second – sometimes there is no decision to why
  • Topic of attention
2. What tools or strategies from the presentation can you apply immediately to your life situation?
  • Planning, Delegation
  • The Matrix
  • Mindfulness
  • Most
  • Kill of the interruptions
  • Eisenhower decision making matrix
  • Trying to not get distracted
  • Single tasking
  • Take more time
  • Reinforcement of addressing tasks
3. What information from the presentation will I share with colleagues, staff, or co-workers?
  • All of it
  •  Single tasks
  • All of it
  • Simple tasking is not effective
  • Eisenhower’s decision-making matrix
  • All of it
  • Gold fish – 9 seconds
  • All handouts
4. Other comments on the handouts, materials, location, or facilitator.
  • Thank you so much
  • It was very enjoyable – super informative
  • Handout materials before covering it – matrix
  • Thank you for the helpful handouts!
  • Would like to have more time on topic
Scaling 1 Low to 5 HighTotalAverage
1How would you rate the content of this workshop?124.40
2The Content of the presentation is relevant to my job?124.75
3The Facilitator was well prepared?124.75
4How Useful were the presentation handouts?124.75
5The Presentation has stimulated my interest in this topic?12 of 12Yes
6Would you recommend the Workshop version to a friend or colleague?12 of 12Yes