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Feedback from Workshop Participants

Jason is a fantastic facilitator. I have avoided groups because of group leaders. Will be attending more.

Fraser Health Workshop Participant

Group Workshop

The most meaningful aspect was focusing on self-discovery and applying it to journaling.

UFV Student

From Journaling Workshop Fall 2017

Our Planning Process to Enhance Organizational Effectiveness is to Work Cooperatively with our Partners and Clients to Develop Successful Strategies for Professional and Personal Growth

1. Assess

We work with organizations to determine where your organization is and what conditions needs change.

2. Set Goals

Set realistic goals to meet determined needs.

3. Plan

Formulate and action plan that includes strategies, identification, and examination.

4. Implement

The strategies are now put into motion.

5. Evaluate

Evaluate strategies to ensure implementation and desired effect.

6. Reassess

Review of present situation and the cyclic process continues.

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