Our workshops are based on the knowledge that

our personal and professional experiences inform the way we learn best.

The Right Courses. The Right Result.

Tell me    I forget

Show Me   I remember

Involve me   I understand.

Chinese Proverb

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Seed for this Project

The seed for this project was planted after a community group run in November 2016. Since then, it has evolved over the last few years, culminating in a series of workshops which have been successfully offered in Mission and Abbotsford. We are a Mission BC-based company committed to the following.

  • Philosophy

Changewerxs was developed from a commitment to the understanding that while knowledge is wonderful, unless knowledge is applied, it is just theory. Practice does not come from Theory. It’s the other way around. We can always obtain knowledge from all different forms of social media. But the application of knowledge, and the continued practice of that, is what facilitates change.

  • Workshops

All workshops are interactive (individual, paired or small group activities and discussions), only of a 2-2.5 hour duration each and seek to accomplish two objectives. Firstly, it’s predicated on enhancing and deepening group learning through the dynamic and organic sharing of participants’ knowledge and experiences pertinent to the topic at hand. Secondly, in our ‘busy’ lives, a 2-2.5 hour workshop helps to sustain our attention and focus, keeping it pithy, specific and effective.

Workshops and seminars are adapted for specific client groups. With teams or homogenous groups, there will be consultations on the learning needs of each target group. And each participant will be given a handout package which enhances the in-session work as well as providing extra material (often with up-to-date research articles, depending on the topic).

  • Topics

Our topics include, amongst others, Assertiveness, Boundaries, Conflict Management, Managing Change, Procrastination, Crisis Management, Stress Management and Workplace Stress. A host of other topics can be found on our website:, which include a summary of each topic’s objectives.

To see participant feedback from our workshops Click Here

  • Our work

To date, we have had the pleasure of facilitating workshops/seminars to Mission Lifetime Learning Centre (8 to date with 3 more in the Fall/Spring 2019), Abbotsford Learning Plus and UFV’s Department of Wellness & Recreation. We have also had the opportunity to give two presentations (our thanks & gratitude to Mission Community Skills Centre Society for their sponsorship) for the Mission Chamber of Commerce in November/December 2018. This was followed by a workshop for them in April 2019 and 2 more in Fall 2019.

We have had exploratory meetings with Riverside College, Mission Community Skills Centre Society, and will be in partnership with both Mission and Abbotsford Chambers of Commerce to facilitate 3 workshops each in the coming months. We have also been in discussion with UFV’s Department of Housing & Residence Life.

  • Group Facilitation

Jason specialises in interpersonal communications, cross-cultural communication, personal development and workplace management. Jason is a UK certified Field Instructor, and in recognition of his skills, was awarded the Practice Teaching (Field Instruction) Award by the UK Central Council for Education & Training in Social Work.



We are now Members of the Mission Regional Chamber of Commerce.




Meet Our Team

Jason Wong
Jason WongWorkshop Leader
Jason Wong is a Group Therapist and Social Worker newly retired from working in the mental health field. Jason has had over 38 years of experience as a practitioner, facilitator and manager in the social services arena. Trained in England, Jason’s experience included work in England, Wales, the United States and Canada.
He specialises in interpersonal communications, cross-cultural communication, personal development and workplace management. Jason is a UK certified Field Instructor, and in recognition of his skills was awarded the Practice Teaching (Field Instruction) Award by the Central Council for Education & Training in Social Work. He also earned his Certificate in Training & Development from the UK Institute of Training & Development.
Jason recently retired as a facilitator/trainer with Fraser Health’s Group Therapy Services in Mission, where he facilitated workshops and intensive groups for both staff and clients. Prior to that, he was a Clinical Coordinator at the Centre for 20 years.

Group Facilitation & Instructional Experience in the
Community: [2017 – Present]

  • ESS (Emergency Support Services under Fire Rescue) – October 2019 on Compassion Fatigue.
  • Mission Lifetime Learning Centre (Fall/Winter 2019 – Healthy Coping, Healthy Relationships & Surviving Holiday Stress)
  • Abbotsford Chamber of Commerce (Fall 2019 – Change Management; Communication Styles & Time Management)
  • Mission Chamber of Commerce (Spring/Fall 2019 – Time Management, Workplace Stress & Managing Procrastination)
  • Mission Lifetime Learning Centre (Winter/Spring 2019 – Communication Styles, True Colours, Worry & Sleep)
  • Mission Chamber of Commerce (Nov./Dec. 2018 – Presentations on Attention Management and Conflict Resolution)
  • Riverside College (Continuing Studies) (Fall 2018 – Workplace Stress, Boundaries & A Balanced Life)
  •  Mission Lifetime Learning Centre (Fall 2018 – Journaling, Mindfulness & Intergenerational Communications)
  •  Abbotsford Learning Plus (Oct. 2018 – Grief & Loss)
  • Mission Lifetime Learning Centre (Spring 2018 – Grief & Loss, Mindfulness, Happiness
  •  UFV Abbotsford (Dept. of Wellness & Recreation) (Fall 2017 – Journaling)

Group Therapy Services [2015 – 2018]

  • Weekly Rapid Access Group (6 topics)Fraser Health (Group
  • Weekly Workshops (39 topics)
  • 9 weekly Core & Secondary Groups (5-10-week duration)

Fraser Health (Groupwork Services): [2011- 2015]

  • Weekly Rapid Access Group (6 topics)
  • Community Agencies (Mission Friendship Centre, Ministry of Social Development & Social Innovation, Rivendell (Second Stage Housing)
  •  Community Agencies Staff forums

Stroh Health Care [2005 – Present]

  • Relationship Violence Prevention Program for Community Corrections (2-4 sessions yearly in an 11-week group)

University of the Fraser Valley [1997 – 2006]

  • Interpersonal Communications
  • Cross-Cultural Social Work Practice

Bradford Social Services Department Staff Training & Development Unit (UK) [ 1992-1994] Topic include but not limited to:

  • Theories of Adult Learning
  • Staff Supervision
  • Loss and Separation
  • Management and Leadership Styles
  • Quality Assurance
  • Study Skills
  • Recruitment and Selection
  • Increasing User Participation

Richmond Fellowship (Community Mental Health) [1980 – 1985]

  • Group work with both adolescents and adults in community group homes in Swansea (Wales), Miami Beach (Florida) and Coventry (England).


1995 – 2018: Fraser Health, Mission

Mental Health & Substance Use Services – Mission Unit: – Position: Group Therapist
Mental Health & Substance Use Services – Mission Unit: – Position: Clinical Coordinator
Stroh Health Care: Relationship Violence Prevention Program – Position: Co-Facilitator
Mental Health & Addictions Services – Mission Unit: – Position: Site Coordinator
Mental Health Services: Fraser Valley Health Region – Position: Acting Regional Manager
Mental Health Services – Mission Unit: Position: Residential and Long-Term Teams Coordinator
Mental Health Services – Fraser Valley Health Region Position: Acting Regional Residential Program Coordinator

Jun. 1992 – Oct. 1994: Bradford Social Services Department, Bradford, England

Bradford Social Services Department – Training Unit Position: Staff Training and Development Officer
Bradford Social Services Department Position: Coordinator of Field Instruction for SW students

Jan. 1990 – May 1992: Bradford Social Services Department, Bradford, England

Bradford Social Services Department – Community Care Services – Position: Group Homes Leader (Learning Disabilities)

1989: Leeds Family Service Unit – Leeds, England

Leeds Family Service Unit – Position: Social Worker (Children and Families)

Jun. 1985 – Aug. 1987: Community Service Volunteers, Coventry & Bradford, England.

Community Service Volunteers – Position: Volunteer Director (Young Offenders Program & National Network Program)

Jun. 1980 – May 1985: The Richmond Fellowship (Mental Health) Wales, USA and England

The Richmond Fellowship (Mental Health) – Position: Deputy Warden – Community Group Home

1993 Certificate in Training and Development: [Certified Trainer] Institute of Training and Development (U.K.)
1992 Practice Teaching (Field Instruction) Award: Central Council on Education and Training in Social Work (U.K.) [Accredited Field Instructor] 1989 CQSW (Certificate of Qualification in Social Work) [qualified as a Social Worker and Probation Officer]: Manchester University, England.

1989 MA (Econs.) in Social Policy and Social Work: Manchester University, England.
1980 BA (Hons.) in Economics: Portsmouth Polytechnic, England.

Facilitation 95%
Instruction 95%
Ron Coreau
Ron CoreauProject Manager and Researcher
Ron Coreau has over thirty years’ experience as a researcher, training project manager, and administrator in both the private sector and with the post-secondary education system Recent projects include the Valemount Prefeasibility Study., the Valemount Centre of Mountain Culture Market Study, SASET Business Plan for Culinary Arts, Fraser Valley Care Foundation Mission Initiative, the Vancouver Olympic Housing training initiative, and industry input into the BCIT’s Construction Estimating Degree, evaluation of the Irish Apprenticeship Training System, and curriculum development and project management for the Vancouver Island Construction Association.
While holding various administrative positions in the post-secondary education system he worked with employers, employee groups, and communities to research and identify emerging labour market and social needs and to design appropriate responses.
Project Management 95%
Research 95%